Autumn Equinox

When spirits walk

Draped in shadowed cloaks

And moving still as night

Space, time, and mortal thoughts erased

When spirits walk

And then exhale, a sigh from gravest depths

That settles with a mental thud

Within my sleeping breast

When spirits walk

All emotions ever felt are gathered close

providing impulses sharp as drawn knives

A sigh lands, shudders and calls me awake

An exhortation of nostalgia and regret

And any longing of my own reduced

To a reflection of true and desperate need

When spirits walk

Upon my bed to sit, pat me gently and caress

With fingers already melting into mist

To share a moment of communion that

Echoes like a church bell at dawn

And then returns to rest

David Trudel ©

September 2002


Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “Autumn Equinox

    • Thanks – the church is up for sale to the dismay of many. The Anglican church in Canada has had a lot of infighting over same sex marriages, gay rights, etc and as a result they are consolidating the diocese. But the spirits don’t care, and they are more associated with Knockan Hill, a sacred site for thousands of years.

  1. cherylb

    Lovely. I got married in one just like it. And the poem is wonderful too…..

  2. K Garner

    Enchanting! Thank you, David 🙂

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