Road Music

I was on the road and lonesome

I was in a little town

Heard a rumour of an open mike

In a bar not far along

I settled in with a frosty draft

As the emcee took the stage

And soon enough the singers sang and the players played

It was a quirky hit parade

As I sat there listening, soaking up the atmosphere

From out of the crowd, a girl got up

And threaded her way through the tables to the floor but dance is too small a word for what she came there for

And the singers strummed the chords to ballads fast and slow

While hypnotically each song was now accompanied by an improv hula dancer stationed over on the side

Now we weren’t in Hawaii or anywhere close

But she swayed and she shimmied

My eyes hugged her close

As I watched her I got into her interpretive space

And thought “how engaging! It’s crazy!”

Some of us need music

Just like fish need water

And birds need to ride the wind

Music didn’t make Mazlow’s list, but it’s an elemental urge

Some of us feel the rhythm

And some of us have the blues

But every tune that comes along

Feeds something deep within

And music can wash us, like a gentle rain falls

Or it can blow us away with a hurricane’s roar

It’s a force of nature, it’s a natural law

Unlocking the soul with freedom’s song

It’s more than just background

And never white noise

Each song is a wonder, a clarion sound

Music tugs on your heartstrings

It can make grown men cry

It’ll set your feet dancing and toes start to tapping

From just a few notes drifting by

It expresses emotion and provokes them in you

Every life needs a soundtrack, familiar or new

At times it’s compression

Sometimes it’s release

Percussive as drumbeats

Random as tweets

It’s the wind in the treetops

And the splash of the creek

And sometimes, if you see her

It’s in a hula dancer’s lithe feet

And quavering arms that entreat

So we watched and we smiled

The players, they played

And we all were transfixed

As she danced the night’s songs

In her own special way

David Trudel © 2012


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  1. Hey i just visited your site for the first time and i really liked it, i bookmarked it and will be back 16005

  2. On the top left corner there should be a “follow” that you can click on.

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