Steal A Moment

Steal a moment

Steal a kiss

Steal my heart

Give me a gift

Gravity, spinning my emotions into a whirlpool

Gravity, pulling two bodies out of orbit

A spring day, a day that springs

A trap?  No!

Just a surprise that springs forth like a clown from a jack-in-the-box

To delight with a dash of terror

You wind me up

And with glorious anticipation I await

The box exploding

Followed by a squeal of relief

And then, I see each step anew

Each view, each mossy rock and ferns curling under windswept arbutus

“Ah”, I sigh, “if only I could show her that”

as I experience the usual unusually

And I awake in the night

To fresh memories of liquid eyes

Warm touch

Multi-faceted connection

And I dream of eastern mystical powers that could send me to you


But of course we are too bound by the physicality

That holds us in check to manage some magical leap

Yet, I call out every moment to you, with psychic yells

And revel in the frustration of not seeing you, just yet

Knowing that in a future moment, just like this

We’ll cling to one another and drown inside a kiss

David Trudel  © 2012

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