Wasabi Infatuation

Wasabi Infatuation

Burns hot

For an instant

The eyes water

You ache

Like the devil

And then it recedes

Leaving a faint memory

Of intensity

And that’s enough


Because emotion is not something you wish to hold

In both hands


It left with yesterday

And now it’s better

Better than before

Bitter than ever

With an intensity

That vanishes like

A disappearing act

Like a Vegas show

And worth about as much

As the forced applause

In a swollen room

Filled with thoughtless fools

Again the chopsticks reach out

To secure another morsel

That can be chewed into


And why

Why can’t you engage?

Why can’t you say maybe , that a sliver of a hope exists?

Allow a possibility, a lottery chance

That could make our days

But still you see the world in black or white

And no room for compromise

No room for anything except

The truth

Whatever that is,

Let me know when you find it.

David Trudel {c} 2012


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