There Is No Love

There is no love for you and me

No, there is no love at all

I want to reach out and embrace you

But I just sigh and turn around

There is no love between us

Just a look that says goodbye

And a memory of a spark that burned

Before the trying got too hard

And here we’re sad and lonely

Walking down our separate paths

Embracing only loneliness

In a world where love comes last

But far away up in the heavens

Or on a different astral plane

You reach out to touch me

And we light a lovers flame

And we kiss each other deeply

Walking forward hand in hand

And thank the spirits that led us

To a love that understands

But we are all alone together

Trapped on lonely planet earth

Where we are too smart for loving

And where the dreaming always hurts

David Trudel ©

March, 2002

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