You Are Dear To Me

You know what I wanted to say

Like it would have made a difference

Like it might of changed your mind

Like it might of made you care for me

And I hear your pain

And it makes me cry

Even though you brush me off

And want to walk away from me

And we drift along

Fighting tooth and nail

Over nothing much

Simply ‘fraid to touch

And you make me cry

Just walking by

‘Cause  you are dear to me

And I don’t know why

Crazy thoughts collide

As I see I see you slide

On to the dance floor

That brings us side to side

And I’m there because

You never knew I was

Simply there for you

While everyone else divides

And if you want me to

I’ll be there for you

Waiting patiently

On the side for you

While you let me stew

With angst and concern flagged anew

And drive to

All that brings us closure

And the end

I wait

For you

For now.

David Trudel

© 2012

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