I didn’t have a horse

But there was always one to ride

In a town that boasted more horses per capita

Than anywhere else in the country

So they said in my childhood

Horses will always mean home to me

Horses look right into your face

Those soft brown eyes see soul to soul

Thundering power

Belies delicate nervousness

Startled by the merest wind

Beware the dust devils, they whisper to each other

Milling in the pasture

Impatient at the gate

A mighty hoof will stomp your foot

To remind the rider who is really in charge

Or out riding trails careen closely to trees

Testing your mettle and agility

Noble as princes

Athletic and strong

Alive to the cosmos

Carrying on

David Trudel © 2012

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  1. Thanks for reading and the “like”, thoughtbaker.

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