The Hip

As I’m sure most everyone here knows, I’m a huge music fan.  But I readily admit to gaps in my musical education.  I used to ride the bus with someone whose brother had done a study at university that showed that if you take the last level of education a person receives, and add three years then you’ll get an idea of their musical taste and interests since after that they don’t normally follow musical trends.  I’ve done better than that, at least I think so, but even so I admit to many gaps.

One such gap for me has been the band, The Tragically Hip.  It’s emergence as a powerhouse Canadian band coincided with a time when I was wrapped up with being a committed and much involved dad, serving on the Parent Advisory Council, the Strata Council, making lunches and arranging birthday parties for the daughters, and holding down a job.  Music just wasn’t a priority and although I was aware of the Hip. I just didn’t have the time or inclination to become a fan.  Fast forward to now.  A good friend of mine is looking forward to a live concert over here in Victoria and strongly endorsed the band.  I found a good deal on a music DVD with the Tragically Hip in concert in Toronto. I watched it and found some songs that I knew after all, and others that are a fresh delight.  Yet it is extremely odd since even in the DVD it’s obvious these are old songs, well-remembered and touchstones for the audience and yet I’m unaware of them. But I love the concert anyway, and listen to these songs afresh, and in awe of what I never knew, or only peripherally. What a tonic for the soul.

David Trudel  © 2012

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