Hello World!

Welcome to my playground, where I use words to play with thoughts and ideas. I hope you enjoy it. You can see my works either by clicking on the tabs that are at the top of this page or by scrolling down the right hand side of the page to Categories.  Use Categories if you want to “like” or comment on an individual post.  The tabs at the top give you what is essentially one long document for each category, which works well if you just want to read through a category. Musical Vignettes is a work in progress and includes some great chapters if you like music and musicians.  Passing Thoughts are just that. Poetry is self explanatory and is also constantly growing although I have posted some older works and may dig up some more from the past that are worth sharing. Prose contains a variety of essays and some short non-fiction memoirs as well as short fiction such as “Miss Carruthers”. Social Commentary is a place for my rants and exhortations on social and political issues – please read my first post there Choose Peace. Songs could also be called lyrics in search of a musician.  I am open to any collaborations.

Please read as much as you want but click the like button when you do like something and make comments. Dialogue is encouraged!

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