For the Birds

A couple of days ago my neighbor Bob discovered a male Californian Quail perched on a high window ledge inside his living room.  He got out a stepladder, grabbed a towel, and with some patience and persistence managed to grab the bird and restore it to the great outdoors.  After cleaning up the mess, since after all the trauma of the event had scared the little guy, Bob went upstairs.  There he found one of the Quail chicks huddled in a corner.  That one was easier to catch, reportedly.  A short while after putting the chick in same general vicinity as where he left the male, a reunion of the Quail family was observed, to great delight. The following day, a pine siskin made it into one of the bedrooms and Bob corralled that one with a convenient Mexican sombrero before setting it free. Who needs pets when wildlife just walks in and visits?

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