Hot and Wet

I want to get hot and wet

With you

Surrender to the force

To the current

As we plunge into the melt

As we float

And drift

Getting roasted

Even as we chill

I want to run the rapids

With you


I want to drift past

Verdant gardens

Ancient forests

With the buzz of the invertebrates all around

As eagles swoop

Looking for fresh protein

I want to get hot

And wet

With you

And lie back

And let the river

Carry us away

And get hot



With you



David Trudel  © 2012






Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “Hot and Wet

  1. Thanks for looking. Check out the rest of my stuff. You live in such a crazy wonderful place! Love it!

  2. Are we kindred spirits, or siblings from another mother? Hopefully you check back as I do love the heat! I also love the sea and here I have both.

    • Well met, my new friend, from the other side of the world. Yes, I find a certain resonance with your writing that is somehow familiar. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation.

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