Strawberry Vale

Sirens scream

Rips the tranquility of the vale

Just another ambulance


The price of living near a hospital

Sometimes the choppers come in low over the hill

Throbbing with the urgency

Of a gunship under fire

In the night

It’s worse, startling really

To feel the house shake

Not knowing

What mangled body

What interrupted life

Which child of the universe

Is about to be

Rushed into surgery

Rushed into recovery

Or to infinity

But the tranquility of my vale endures

Against the horrors all around

Against the amplified and pervasive sound

Of sirens, cars and you and me

Of all that life can throw

In this general direction

Tranquility is timeless

Complete in itself


Free from worry, concern or attention

Free from care

It just is



David Trudel  © 2012


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