At first it’s hard

You don’t notice any change

Even though you watch what you eat

No more sugars; goodbye rum and cokes

More celery and carrot sticks than have any right to exist

Finally you can pull the belt in a notch

Start to see legs emerge from the treetrunk thighs

And let go some baggage

With each pound lost, another mask shed

Another lost hope recovered

Another pound gone

And I’m closer to the truth

I strip away the layers of who I wasn’t


Just the man I had become to please others

The husband made over

And over

More workouts, less food

Down a size

Then two

Another pound gone

And I’m closer to the truth

The truth uncomplicated by control

Instead of listening to others

I listen to my heart

As the pounds drop away

And I give up the hang-ups

The conflict and the fear

Nervous laughter

Stinging jeers

Once swollen by love gone bitter

Now the bitterness fades


And a leaner self emerges




David Trudel   © 2012


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