My friend is epic

Epic as the day she is having

Crisscrossing the Salish Sea

More than necessary

Special announcements on the PA

Strangely fun

Now, at a mini-Woodstock

Crowd swirls, crazed louts attack

Jabs hurled

Security prevails

As overhead lightning flashes

Rumbles roar

Rain drives down on the crowd

Lets up

The rumbles and roars of the thunder

Continue to add counterpoint to the tunes

My friend is epic

As the day she is having

As favorite bands play

Against the backdrop of a raging thunderstorm

With her daughter beside her

The object of too much attention tonight

But reveling in the moment

They savor the craziness of it all

And say

This is one hell of an epic

Good day, after all



David Trudel   © 2012



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