When the sound crowds out the crowd

The eyes will have it

Electronic feedback or cacophony of cocktail chatter

Matters not

Aural receptors crash, so

A look, instead

Turn the head, yes

That way

Hint of a smile

Yes, that way

Body language being unilingual


While I,

Attempting to refocus on the performance

Concentrate, for at least a moment

As yet another brave soul stands and delivers

A song, earnestly Canadian

Good for the patriotic contest tonight

Which earns a cheer


The words flow and spin their charms

As do the darted glances

Which pierce like medieval lances

Beribboned, in the lists

Yet again in the here and now

We engage

Minor repartee, to begin

Thrust, parry

The dance

Begins, again


David Trudel  © 2012







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