A freely given gift

Is a rare thing


Or any day

Since most aren’t, when you think about it

Most gifts are exchanges

Providing tit for tat

Implicit with strings

Attached to some obligation

Some gifts announce themselves


Look at me!

Look at me!

I’m pretty!

I sparkle!

I shine!

But birthday gifts and Christmas baubles

Stop arriving

Unless you give back, in return

Some are bribes

Part of a promise or some kind of trade


Part of the game

Even a natural talent, or a skill

Isn’t a gift at all

At least one that’s free

Since they come with the responsibility

To live up to the gift

And if you don’t




Come calling

Come to remind you of what might have been

No, freely given gifts are rare

Spontaneous and just because

No expectations going forward

No strings attached behind

No this for that

Or mine and yours

Just an impulse

A thought that gets released

Between friends



David Trudel   © 2012


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