The Birds of My Today

The birds of my today

Burst off the page

This feathered page

As they did all day


In my all so real life


Even leadfooted pickup truck drivers

(and who hasn’t noticed the correlation between vehicle and attitude before?)

Slowed and rubbernecked

Watching eagles soar

Above the shore

Turning a quick curve

A trio of two ravens and a turkey vulture

Impossibly ugly

Startled at their carrion feeding

Roadkill cleansing meal

Jump skyward

Later, parked

Fledgling eagles scream

Then, watching from the drifting surface

Perambulating in the drift

As it were

A blue heron

Careens through the leafy canyon

So prehistoric looking

But it’s the ravens that hold sway

They bark short orders

Mafia dons

Harass all intruders and bully all they can

I’ve known a few ravens

In my time, but I digress

The birds of my today

Burst from the skies

Burst from the trees

And this feathered page

Is all that’s left

Of the birds

Of my today


David Trudel   ©  2012




Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “The Birds of My Today

  1. ~Lady Day

    Ah. Love all of this. Brilliant writing.

  2. David–I agree with LD–this is brilliant.

  3. Hey Susan L. your validation means a lot to me. You are a seriously good writer, and even though I have intimations, glimmers if you will of the measure of the words I come up with, my self-worth is founded upon the feedback I get. Thank you.

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