Forest understory

Serenely green in the early promise of summer

Just a memory now

Now the greens are flat and diminished

Splashed with shades of yellow

Muddy brown and red

Announcing the advance of the year

Curled and desiccated, looking like transforming insects

Rusty leaves turn in upon themselves

Turning so inevitably to fall

Overhead muted tones of grey and blue

Opaque translucency

In Delft-glazed hues

Painted with insouciance and impermanence


Gone forever even as they’re born

Infinity after infinity of questions

Found sky watching

Weather roils

Dusk descends to twilight

Summer passes its peak

Spies autumn in the distance

Waves hello

Walks forward

Like always

David Trudel  ©  2012


Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Harbinger

  1. Very nice, David. You are greeting autumn, too.

  2. Yes, the “best before” date has expired!

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