The Depth of Insignificance

Someone I know

Finds the big in the small

Others wearily drift through the mundane and banal

Everyday moments

Just life passing by

But my friend is an alchemist of thought and word

She pulls on kaleidoscope glasses

Crystallizes each moment

With surgical precision

In words

Finds insight




I picture her with paper and pen

Out for a walk

Going shopping

Herding children at the fair

Sitting at a red light

Capturing the fleeting thoughts

That all too often shimmer briefly and disappear

For the rest of us

She doesn’t let them go

She knows how transitory insight can be

Stabs them with a ballpoint

Captures phrases on crumpled pages

Transmogrifies the unknowable

With the poet’s art

With ease and grace

And sends each missive

To the world

To share

And delight


David Trudel    ©  2012


Dedicated to Susan L. Daniels.

Read her work at:





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11 responses to “The Depth of Insignificance

  1. David. Wow. I mean it, wow. I am floored and dazzled. This is incredible–I am humbled that my lines could inspire this. Sending you hugs electronically to BC. This post needs a love button, really, it does.

  2. Reblogged this on Susan Daniels Poetry and commented:
    When a wonderful poet writes a poem your lines inspire, you share it…you have to. Thank you so much, David! You are awesome!

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel


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