Making Friends

It used to be physical

So real

Meeting each other, that is

Out-of-towners got special treatment

The grand tours

Such as they were


Now it’s all a blur

Worlds collide

Disembodied thoughts glide back and forth

Across the ocean or from the next street over

Taking cover

From the intimacy of the immediate

To the hilarity of the hidden

We conspire

With no intentions

We plot

For dreams

We meet in the ether

Ghosts, unfettered and released

To wander in and out of threads

Posting random comments everywhere

Facing off and facing books

Got you pegged


Or will you simply

Unfriend me



David Trudel   ©  2012




Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Making Friends

  1. You have captured the contrast between the virtual and the physical so well. BTW, comment all you want on mine–I love to debate with my fleshly and virtual friends 😉

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