Solstice Cafe

There’s poetry

Written in silence


In a notebook or on a scrap of paper

At your keyboard



Then there is spoken word

With a crowd of enthusiasts

Egging on the perps


And calling for performance


It’s lots


Courage ain’t never an issue

When spoken words slam into


Unfettered for an evening

Finger snapping

Heckling in good fun


With rockstar abandon

Digging the vibe

Leaping from word to word

Like a salmon climbing

The waters of its birth

Like a bird finding a home it never knew

Like me

Finding you

Finding a voice

Crying out into the night

With enthusiasm

Nothing new

Here I am



David Trudel  © 2012


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One response to “Solstice Cafe

  1. Love this–so alive. Great rhythm. Even better subject.

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