I have some great artwork

Big epic paintings


Some hanging and some standing

Now I have the memory

Of art presented


One shot one time


And it resonates

So well


Of old Bill

Intimations of social consciousness

Angry young women

Angry young men

Grooving on Coltrane

Channeling the Bohemians

Taking the voice of the street

To the street

Challenging beliefs

Spreading the grief



Textured lines

A sense of standing

Outside of time

Solidly retro looking back at Kerouac

In the moment


Remembering the girl behind the counter

As a kid at a birthday party

A moment found long years ago

Come on, don’t get me started

Tonight don’t stretch

It snaps

Like the smattering of accolades

Finger snaps


To all

To the best let’s applaud

By snapping

Fingers in the night


David Trudel     ©  2012



Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Slam

  1. Good slam in Victoria then? Glad you got to hear it. Always inspiring and intoxicating to listen/interact with living, vital spoken word!

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