When I Was A Suit

When I was a suit

I acted as an antibody

In the corporate bloodstream

Fighting off attacks of the seven deadly sins








When I was a suit

I smiled at the customers

Answered their questions

Told them answers to questions

They hadn’t thought to ask

When I was a suit

Kept my hair trimmed

Called myself an undercover hippie

Never did fit in

But I wore that suit

With style and panache

Played the part

Even believed it some days

When I was a suit


David Trudel     ©  2012







Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “When I Was A Suit

  1. Yes–sometimes we act so well, we can even fool ourselves 😉

  2. True. We want to fit in and measure up, fit the mould and do it up. We want to be part of the crowd, we want the approbation of our peers, but its never quite enough. So we dance the dance, we repeat the lies, we fool everyone, including us.

  3. Oh! The price we pay to ‘fit’ in, as we climb the ladder of success due to obligations elsewhere. But one should never sacrifice their honor, integrity…which basically means (by today’s standards) “your fired!”

    Excellent write, I enjoyed it very much.

  4. Yes, some of us wanted to fit in. Some of us didn’t, but we did anyway to get that paycheque and the pension. A person paid a high price for openly standing up for honesty, integrity, and fairness. Love the title: When I Was a Suit. Good stuff.

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