We were watching the Super Bowl, a bunch of drunken friends in their mid-twenties.  “Hey” someone said. “Let’s go to a game next year, and not just down the road in Seattle.”  Thus began the planning for the trip to see the Houston Oilers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  That was the era of Franco Harris and Lynn Swann, of Bum Phillips and Earl Campbell, and Terry Bradshaw.  We wound up going to the Thanksgiving Day Thursday Night Special game at the Astrodome, some 10 or eleven months later.

Highlights included Cal getting so loaded that we couldn’t rouse him for the flight down there, the Johnson Space Centre, a hockey game of some note, and the big game itself. At one point we went to a Texas Roadhouse for some steaks.  The waitress came over to get our orders.  When we were done she looked at us real funny and said, “d’y’all mind repeating that with a drawl so’s I kin unnerstan you?” Which we did, and she did.

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