Deep Into Summer

Deep into summer

Grasses fade into straw

Rocks protrude

Bald spots enlarged by shuffling feet

Dog walkers


Ripped by the hooves of the deer

As they fly from one tasty garden to another

On surrounding streets

Landscaped salad bars

Here, the rocky meadow isn’t very appetizing

But it lasts



David Trudel    © 2012

Knockan Hill, near Victoria, B.C.


Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “Deep Into Summer

  1. Kim

    barring acts of arson.
    inflammation response.
    i hold my breath at this time of year,
    being in a log house
    in a dry forest
    in a tourist destination.

  2. Stones permanence is an illusion
    Look at it from a glacial perspective
    It erodes
    Gets moved around
    Chipped away
    Broken into grains of sand
    Swept up
    Ground down

  3. Noah Matthews

    I like this line: “landscaped salad bard”. Nice piece.

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