So I was riding my bike along the Galloping Goose trail towards town. At one of the intersections I was slowing down for the red light when I noticed that the cyclist coming up on my left was a Saanich Police officer, and in fact there were a pair of them. I started to say hello but just then this helmetless guy across the intersection jumps the red light and wheels through a gap in traffic right towards us, not noticing the cops until one of them strides forward, motioning him to stop and announcing their presence. “Sometimes it’s just that easy” the other officer says to me and another cyclist who were smiling in amusement at the situation. The light changed to green and we rode on.




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  1. When I did Grand Jury duty here a few years back, after my month of service, I decided what gets most people caught is their sheer stupidity 😉

  2. True. I guess that’s why the Darwin Awards are so popular!

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