This parade of young fire breathers

With sparking eyes and flaming wit

Full mouthed

Foul mouthed

Fully engaged

In each word and phrase that is offered

Or tossed like grenades

Into a trench

But there’s no shrapnel to frag the weakened flesh

Here the words fly like harmless toy arrows

To the bulls eyes of receptive faces

Coaxed out full of cadence and rhythm

Hesitation and trepidation

Clearly full of confident delight

Words cascade from us all

Table pounding

Finger snapping

Hoot hollering

A gospel revival of irreverent preachers

Itinerant wordsmiths of verse and song

Leading the faithful

In call and response

In this bacchanalia of verbosity

Imbibing lines with alacrity

Soused as Dylan Thomas at 2 a.m.

On the high test testimony

Sworn before the court of poetic justice

Young dragons

Speaking in tongues

Proclaiming truth in the illuminated night

David Trudel  © 2012


Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “Dragons

  1. Oh yeah–this had to get out tonight after that poetry reading! This is great! Love the tent meeting combined with crossfire and most especially the irreverent preaching. Fantastic poem.

  2. ~Lady Day

    Love!!! I do not always stop by to comment, but I read you in my inbox…<3

  3. Thanks – nothing like a capacity crowd of (mostly) young, enthusiastic poets and poetry fans to fan a few flames!

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