The Intensity of my Belief

The intensity of my belief

In my cares

In my concerns

Pales in comparison

To the cries of the imprisoned

The refugees

The forgotten




And my agenda

Dries up

In the face of the calamities

Arriving en masse


An army of distress

That assails the globe


Yet I still am impulsed

By ego

Fueled by individualism

Driven by emotion

Such as it is


I am an army of one

In disarray

Facing all enemies

Of perfection


While perdition waltzes through

Swanning a glorious end

To the end times

Or the beginning thereof


And so I wait

For the tipping point

Which might be so very near

Or maybe still light years away


But whatever the case

The misery remains

So many tortured souls

So many lives on hold

So many dreams untold

While we keep on keeping on

Doing what is wrong

And fighting what we do not need

To fight

But overall the tension builds

While we keep

Window dressing you know

We like to camouflage

Our targets and what it is we love

And hide our vulnerabilities

Beneath whatever it takes to conceal

What we really feel below


David Trudel  © 2012






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One response to “The Intensity of my Belief

  1. David–yes. So very powerful.

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