C Change

Selfishly, I like the warm September

But the Arctic melt

So dramatic


Catastrophes to come

Climate change deniers

Your time is up

From floods to fires and

God knows what else

The cats are long gone from that old bag

Enjoy your house while it still stands

Enjoy the forests that surround your land

Before you know it

They’ll all be gone

Before you know it

They’ll be long gone

So say goodbye

To what we know

And say hello to a horror show

It’s shaping up to fall apart

Just wait and see

And say hello


David Trudel  © 2012




Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “C Change

  1. Hard to “like” this one–I am hoping we can do something to stop this, but am not as optimistic as I would like to be.

  2. Thanks Susan – it’s amazing to me that there are still so many people who disregard the evidence. This piece was provoked by a report about the dramatic arctic ice melt this year.

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