Grade School

The small Catholic school I attended didn’t have a gym back then and consequently when it was raining and cold outside we were allowed to stay indoors during the lunch hour and play records.  The record player was one of those industrial strength units, kind of like a little suitcase, with a built-in speaker.  Every week or so, I’d make my way over to the local music and art supply store, check the weekly CKLG Top 30 Hitlist and spend most of my allowance on a 45 RPM single. 


I was probably in Grade Three or Four when I forked out my dollar for Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones.

It was, and still is, a great song and so it got a lot of time in the lunchtime rotation.  But after we had pretty much worn through the grooves I decided to change things up and flipped it over.  The B Side was “Let’s Spend the Night Together”.

I slipped it onto the turntable and lowered the needle.  We enjoyed the new tune for a minute or so until Sister Mary Francis rushed over, eyes blazing, the wrath of God on her side.  “Who put this awful record on?” she demanded.  “I did, sister” I replied, wondering what was so wrong but nervously aware that something proverbial had just hit the fan.  Before I knew it I had been sent home for the day, along with the offending record.  As I trudged home in the drizzle I couldn’t help but wonder to myself what all the fuss was about somebody just wanting a sleep-over.





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4 responses to “Grade School

  1. Ohhhhh, you violated that poor nun’s ears…hee, hee. Love how you ended this…innocent as a slumber party 😉

  2. Thanks Susan – my innocence was probably a little overstated but it makes a nice story!

  3. Seb

    I’m sure the Stones would have seen you as as much a victim of persecution by the system at the time as they were!

  4. On the other hand, I got a free afternoon out of the deal so it wasn’t all bad!

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