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On Dispensing Treats at Halloween

How hard is it

To disregard sugar rich chocolate treats

Near the front door



Damned hard

For a recovering chocoholic


Nuts and seeds

Fill in

Second stringers off the bench

Playing over their heads





Another knock


Thanks god, another handful depleted


Take more


Leave me no temptations


But then again


A test of resolve


Is a test worth taking

If I can overcome that

I might be able to overcome

Other foibles






And seek redemption

In your love


David Trudel  ©  2012



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Circular Moment

The future will take care of itself

Because it already has

There is only one now


This moment


Philosophers and scientists agree

That times true nature is not linear

But circular

Past, present and future co-existing



So I will say/say/said

I love you

I love you circularly; past, present and future



Beyond conformance with local norms

Confounding expectations

Disregarding nervous arbiters of false reality

Slipping through perceived constraints

Of mortal paradigms

Reaching celestial heights

And within this love

Discover the divine



David Trudel   ©  2012



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Not Quite Right

Had an appointment

With happiness

A sure thing


But was dissed



David Trudel  ©  2012



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Epic Tales

Epic tales

Worthy of the name

Come with long odds




Evil sorcerers


There’s always ambiguity to contend with

Hidden pathways

Leading to hidden treasures



Adding dramatic tension



To shake things up


Yet, a thread of hope

Weaves throughout the tale



Turns the tide


Deeds are done

Villains overcome


Conclusion follows with a triumph

That tickertapes from the Field of Mars

Through Caesar’s Rome

All the way to




David Trudel  © 2012



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Extreme weather

Is it just me or does anyone feel that there is something missing in the messages of concern regarding the super storm clobbering the eastern seaboard? I’m thinking particularly about the presidential campaign and the issue of climate change. I mean we’ve had wildfires and drought, tornados and floods of biblical proportions over the past few years yet everybody just seems to want to turn a blind eye and cross their fingers and hope it doesn’t happen again.  Isn’t it time that mainstream corporate America, and the powers behind the candidates, finally admit that climate change is indeed real, that weather events like this one are going to become more and more frequent and even more intense in the future. Shouldn’t we be mitigating the worst of the potential risks now, before the very infrastructure of our civilization is damaged or destroyed?



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Speculative wonderers

Search the skies

Looking for starlight companions



Yet, perhaps those UFOs

Chariots of gods and goddesses

Aren’t from some distant planet at all

But from a different time

Simply human after all

Slipping through time

Unburdened by the linearity commanded by Cronos

Who was slain, after all

Eons ago


Or following another line of thought

Notice the similarity between star maps

And our own inner space

Maybe we are part of infinite chain of beings

Nesting Russian dolls

Leading inward

Leading outward

To a platonic ideal

Of twelve companions

Sharing an infinity together

Outside of what we know of time and space

Staving off boredom

Through observing the complexity of life

Human struggles

To them

We are the night’s show

Just part of the multi-channeled universe



David Trudel  ©  2012



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Goldstream 3

Arched guardians

Beckon acceptance








I follow the trail

Over root crowded corners

Leafy aisles

Autumnal shades

Golden experience




Branches beckoning

To skies






A letter

Scripted organically


David Trudel  ©  2012


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Goldstream 2

Frondswept trails beckon

Pulling me further


Prehistoric splendour



Dinosaur plants


The short and curlies of the rain forest

As sensual

As the delta

Of your thighs


David Trudel  ©  2012



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Goldstream 1

River pulls me

Primal call

Water flowing over roundrocks

Freshet of sound and life

Through groves and thickets

Cliffs and ferns

Filtering distractions



Heralding refreshment


David Trudel   ©  2012



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