The Knight and Day

One night after a long shift, the other cabbies and I headed over to the Knight and Day restaurant, on Broadway between Cambie and Oak. I was looking forward to my mushroom caps stuffed with escargot when in walk the Nylons and they sit down a couple of booths over. Shortly after a bunch of bikers come along. Well, they don’t like the inter-racial mix, and especially get on the case of one of the Nylons who was black and was dating a white girl. Things started heating up and then all of us cabbies, en masse, got up and formed a protective cordon around the Nylons and called over the manager. The bikers got tossed and we all got a round of applause. I think that was the night they recorded the Lion Sleeps Tonight at Malkin Bowl.  And if it wasn’t, it should have been!



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2 responses to “The Knight and Day

  1. Really liking these stories, David!

  2. Seb

    I’d have joined that round of applause!

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