Poetry Duet Redux




He’s prepared this daydream for me—

Allows me to see him for this moment.

Gloriously adorned,

The universe hangs

Glittering around his neck.

I am stunned,

For he is stunning,

I quiver to think how badly I’ve underestimated him,

(And spoken so casually.)

But he is so above

All of these conditions,

Detached from the results,

Yet, within my nature, so at home.

He takes my hand,

Curls it to his lips,

And gives me the tiniest, little peck.


It’s a good thing that’s all he gave me,

For it’s more than I can handle.

I sense that he has more to give

When I am able to bear.

The promise is Titan planetary.

It dangles on his necklace.

But for now, a smooth worn pebble will do,

And a ribbon for my hair.


-jenn long



Charmed Dreams


Some dreams are sent with mythic intent

Flung from a distant Olympic height

To sow conspiracy for love’s delight

Propel the faintest glimmer into life extant


From my wild sky open temple

Built on stone cold ropes that once reached the very stars

Amidst oaken groves I wander

Wondering at the pendulum descending

From the thin black string

My fingers clutch

Realizing that this string is no more

Nor no less tangible than the invisible one

That binds our hearts

That pulls our thoughts

Across a universal void

To Elysian fields where we will find

Sweet solace in love’s embrace

And share our dreams through each pore and cell

Annointing one another with the balm of peace

Until the dream shall cease



David Trudel   ©  2012



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