Too Much Information

There is this flood

This cascade

                        This torrent

That overwhelms me


My levees are breached

The dykes have failed

And no small army of earnest volunteers filling sandbags

Will ever hold back this tide

Some days it’s so bad

Its like those images of the tsunami victims

Being pushed around in their sinking cars into pure hell up ahead

And that’s how I feel

With all this information

These articles and essays

Rants and raves

Links to books

I mean the whole fucking Library of Congress holdings

Are out floating around there somewhere

Not to mention the Youtube videos

Everything that you could ever imagine

Like how to put snow chains on your car

Or throatsinging techniques

Or fifty years worth of TV commercials.

What we all really love about Youtube

Are the music videos

Originals and covers

Studio and live performances

All coming at you like a monster wave

And you’re in that curl

And you know its going to break

But not quite yet cause that’s the moment we’re in

The bubble moment

When time stops

Everything starts floating weightlessly

You look around and see page after page after page

Of information

Stretching out in double helix patterns into infinity

Row after row of filing cabinets a mile high

And a river deep

Countless coils of fiber optic cables

Connecting supersystems

Server farms stretching across the great plains

All of them crammed and overflowing

Constantly growing




Creatively self-replicating assembly lines

Spreading information


Fact and fiction

Hate and love

Wisdom and

Ephemeral pieces of crap that clutter the clutter.




In that bubble moment

You recognize the value of the small handful

The rare

The shining stars



Wise Women


The ones you are privileged to know

Their very scarceness

Makes it easy to bundle them together quickly

Hold them close

Don’t worry about the rest of the ocean

And when the wave breaks

It’ll be just fine because

It’s just a metaphorical wave

Not a real one

Not a real one like in Hawaii

So imagine that you’re a surfer,

The same as before

The biggest wave in history is crashing down

But wait!

A magic force field represented by a blue bubble

surrounds you

protects you from the violence

The force

The inevitability



Of all this relentless information

That’s the bubble moment coming to the rescue

Fending off certain death and dismemberment

It is trust

Trust in those spirits you’ve gathered together

Who choose words wisely


That creates the bubble

That conveys the strength

Required to withstand the full blown force of a cosmic ocean

Falling on your head

So that you can keep your head above water


Simply breathe


And grow

David Trudel  © 2012


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2 responses to “Too Much Information

  1. perfectly timed, David. Lately I have been feeling…overwhelmed, for lack of a better word, by it all. Really like this.

  2. Thanks – it’s kind of a reaction to being an infomaniac. I love it but I hate it.

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