Summer dusted glaze

Slurrystreams down the path

Washing dust

Broken leaves

A few faded hopes


Memories of heat


Raindrops crash all around

Few managing the full descent to the trail

Canopied by the exhaltation of the forest

Branches stretched in supplication



Hat topped and impervious

Striding stewardly

Through shadows

And the falling leaves

At peace

In this dark landscape

Realizing this gift of safety in the night




Is rare, so very rare

So deserving of my delight

Nightsmiling I ascend hilltop high

Watch the glow of the city

Spread out below in shrouded glory


This uncommon beauty

Of a rainswept night


David Trudel  ©  2012








Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “Rainswept

  1. You are an excellent writer. Very visual and moving piece. Please take a look at my work @ http://medicatedwordzallowed.wordpress.com/ and http://coconutspeak.wordpress.com/

  2. gorgeous word-painting here, David.

  3. Thanks Susan. There are so few places left in this world where its safe to venture forth in the dark in an urban setting, or close enough to it. I really do appreciate the good fortune of being able to walk in my forest in relative safety, at any time of day or night.

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