We each have an inherent potential

Within us

Beyond us

Among us


To transcend this pinprick yelp of our brief lives

In so doing, dissolve into a rippling field

Become a wave

Not a singular place on the wave

But the wave itself



Losing sense of self



Jumping past

All earthbound limitations

Just like the shamans and mystics

Of the past foretold


Imagination holds the key

To fire neural passageways

To missing synapses

Forgotten genes


Cosmic mysteries


Through this wisdom now revealed

Vibrate on waves

Of distant starlight

Crossing time across the night

Just disembodied thoughts

Transcending timebound physicality


Or is this is just an errant thought?


Are we shackled here and now

To this cruel paradigm

Of accepted thought and shared belief


In cause


                   & Evidence

Firmly anchored on the ground

No chance ever

Of soul’s release


Or do intuition and the heart

Hold sway?


David Trudel  © 2012



Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Transcendent

  1. I am going all-in that intuition and the heart have something to say & do in this…Great poem, David.

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