Message 2.0

Where are you?

Flashed the message on my screen

On my return


Moonbeaming poems and falling stars

I keyed


Came the fast response


No luck no magic tonight



Just silvered clouds with gaptoothed grins

A hint of winter in the air

Faint whiff of woodsmoke on the wind

Pungent scent of rotting leaves



Felt spiderwebs drift cross my face

Heard crunch of gravel in misty space

Along the way I heard the rustles

Tell tale signs

Potential trouble

Maybe a cougar

Or a bear

One night last year

Almost got trampled

By a deer

So noises in the night




Distant sirens pierce the silence

Emphasizing the point

Announcing some new violence



Overhead, luminescent clouds roll by

Obscuring meteoric showers

Backlit by a quartermoon

Cloudfaced trolls fly overhead

Noble Aslan cloudshows next

A pig wings its floyd way home



Looking down across the city

Final urban push

Before the sea

A panoply of lights descends

Distant towers preen in full wattage

Dimmed streets outlined in orange fuzz

Illegal fireworks arc briefly there

Distant echoes boom

More police chase across the view

Looks more urgent

Than what I’m doing

Finding falling stars and poems

But maybe not

Maybe not




David Trudel  ©  2012




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