Mild Corruption

Mild corruption is what I propose

Sleeping in past 6:00 a.m.


Having a beer in the afternoon

A toke on the after dinner walk


Mild corruption

Like sex in the afternoon

Just because


Like a hand on your thigh

At the family restaurant

Other eyes focused on the fries

While I

Disturb you


I want to mildly corrupt you


Get you drunk on champagne


Keep you up past midnight


I want to run the red lights of your heart


I want to tag the underside of bridges

Armed with cans of spray paint

With you leading the charge


I want to go to Walmart with you and not buy anything

And tell the greeter that they didn’t have what we wanted


I want to mildly corrupt you


Make you feel almost like you’ve sinned


But not quite



David Trudel   © 2012



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