Two Hearts

When I see you and you see me


Time will cease

Walls will disappear

There won’t be anybody else

Just you and me

Our eyes will lock

Our arms will reach

I’ll kiss your lips and hold you close

The only sound we’ll hear

Is our two hearts

Harmonizing to a single beat

It won’t be you and me anymore

After that moment of a when

We’ll be us

A plurality of non-conformity

And you don’t have to treat me like a king

Just be my lover

Be my friend

I will love you

Like nobody else can

To the ends of the earth

From the depths of my soul

So answer your own question

The one you sang so sweetly

When will I see you?

When will I see you?

David Trudel   ©  2012

This was inspired by:



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4 responses to “Two Hearts

  1. Thanks Susan. I’ve got it bad, but it feels so good.

  2. I hope you get to meet soon. Having been there, I can tell you it is a wonderful thing 😀

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