2 responses to “Kelly Pflug-Back

  1. Kelly voice resonates within all of us, like the use imagery in this poem…

    But no flesh, just lifeless metal and plastic
    Well, she got 15 months for that
    Says a lot about our cultural values

    and in few lines she resumes the truth, this is a shout out to the world, strong ending. Thank you David for posting her poem and website, I pass by there today, she has a strong young voice, here book carries the message of honesty and reality.

    • Thanks – it was interesting to hear her words spoken by a range of serious poets and her friends, many of whom are or were street people. We also had a speakerphone call with her partner who was quite touched by it all. Regardless of how you might feel about her radical politics, her intelligence and artistry is just so evident in her poetry.

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