It was a day that unfolded

Like whole chapters of Marcel Proust

Round moments of particular intensity

Playing out in the sunshine glow of a renewed day

Each moment building to a different




Searching for lost time

Searching for a memory or a foreshadowing

Seasoned with poignancy

Where art and politics converge for a quick liaison

Hardly an affair

Where the smile of just kissed lips

Collapses into a sigh

Beneath time’s weight


David Trudel    ©  2012




Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Yesterday

  1. Seb

    Oh that’s grand stuff. I wish I could do things like this!

  2. Thanks Seb. I’m sure you can – just look for the prompts that life hands you and go with whatever impulse you have.
    The first five lines of this poem started out as part of a late night email that concluded with a vastly different and personal observation, not appropriate for sharing, but I liked the opening and thought I’d rework into a poem. Then I let some of the spirit of the day’s events that sparked the lines in the first place resonate a little and came up with the rest.

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