5 responses to “Choose Peace (repost)

  1. I have to say this is so accurate, I believe the change starts with us if we want a better life (world) we have to choose nature and peace, it does not cost anything to smile and help others.

    I can not stand reality TV I think that is why I read more, very good post David!

    • Thanks Doris. After spending an evening at the local anarchist bookstore, celebrating the launch of a book of poetry by an imprisoned G20 protestor, I thought I’d repost this essay that I wrote in June.

      • I can understand the post even more; it is so sad what happened, this must be a learning experience, and who is the author?

      • See the previous post titled “Kelly Pflug-Back” A couple of years ago, the G20 met in Toronto and naturally there were demonstrations and protests. The police were particularly violent and repressive and Kelly was involved. There is a link to her website at the end of my post. I wrote Choose Peace in June after a series of really depressing news stories started to bother me.

      • Will check the post I do miss things due to the reader and many blog, will check your post too. Thanks David good day!

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