My vision is not of today or tomorrow

It spans the generations

Assuming some semblance of this civilization sticks around

Manages to survive

After all, think back a hundred years ago

To when women had to fight for the vote

When prejudice and bigotry ruled

Social injustice prevailed and corruption was endemic

Not just sporadic

All things considered there’s been some progress

Civil society usually is

And the aspirations of some long ago version of myself

Would be mostly met

Looking at our normal social behaviors

So when I see a world free of violence

It isn’t a world of today or tomorrow

But one of years and generations away

When the adolescent zeitgeist of today

Has a chance to mature

To realize that negative energy, of whatever kind

Defeats the purpose

Drains the reserves

Serves no good purpose

And in that realization, society will transform into

Cohesive freedom of shared responsibility



David Trudel  © 2012



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