For Susan

Those lips aren’t thin

They are bursting with words

Beestung with sweet nectar

Your lipbalm is royal jelly

Those lips spit verses

As frequently as sailors fling curses

Those lips aren’t thin

They taste the earth

Kiss love’s wounds

Brush countless courtiers with


Those lips conspire and inspire


Those lips are thick with poetry’s delights

Those lips aren’t thin

They’re just right


David Trudel    © 2012



Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “For Susan

  1. Oh, gosh, this is beautiful–I am redder than anything. Love it & reblogging! Thank you, David.

  2. Reblogged this on Susan Daniels Poetry and commented:
    How do you argue with this? This is beautiful, DAvid & thank you!

  3. unfetteredbs

    I love this.. nicely done David. Susan rocks!

  4. Thank you everyone, and I agree that Susan rocks!

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