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Watching the odometer click over to a new start

An arbitrary point in time

But well-placed and rooted in the deepest past

Twelve times twelve ages have marked the sun’s ascension

From here dark begins its slow retreat

It doesn’t matter what number we tag it with

It hardly matters to this flying rock

With an exploding heart

Whose love runs like magma down its cheeks

This revolution in the extreme

This celestial flight we all share

Doesn’t pause for formalities

Never dressed to the nines

It rolls on down the road

Inexorably, to nought

But tonight I sense a newness

Thin and tender as the skin of my heart

Something tantalizing


Just around the corner

Worth waiting to watch the odometer click over

Just to savour the apprehension and anticipation

One more time

As one year passes

Into another


David Trudel    © 2012




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Ode to Gabi

Goodness gracious

Is an apt description for my rare friend

Who cares for others as if we are all family

So I call her sister, happily

She relates to so many and so much

Not content with keystroke comments

She stands up and stands out

For freedom and justice and nature

A warrior spirit with a gentle touch

Ready to support a righteous cause


Or party past midnight until the Honeyjack is gone

Straight shooting, from the lip and the hip

Always making connections from her heart to ours

A heart holding many songs

An ear listening for new sounds

Graciously and good

Unbowed, with the courage of her convictions

And a smile that lights up the darkest day

Never just a face in a crowd

My uncommon friend is rare and earthy

More than worthy of these few words of honest praise


David Trudel    © 2012




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Speech From the Father of the Bride

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone here for helping to make this a very special occasion for Ana-Maria and Devin.  It’s a momentous day, not just for them but also for our extended families who now become intertwined through the love of our children.  So to the L______  family, welcome.  I am looking forward to getting to know you all better over the months and years ahead.


But I don’t want to take up too much time talking about family dynamics and formalities.  This day is all about Devin and Ana-Maria and the love they share.


Unconditional love


Love that gives itself freely

Cling free love

Love that doesn’t need reassurance or reciprocity

But simply says, be free

My love, be free


In the now of a forever more


You’ll share post-colonial love

Anarchistic love

Unbound by convention

But held together by respect


Now, synthesizing your separate selves into integrated newness


Sharing a single heartbeat

Which is the only sound you hear


You’ll speak a language of sighs and silences

Of breaths inhaled

Your punctuation done with looks and touches

The language of love has a complex grammar

Where silences can speak volumes

But shouldn’t

And as your fluency increases

You’ll learn to sing your love together in harmony

Composing symphonies of love on the fly

And there’ll be a time to come

When other voices join the chorus

To sing the song of your love

The song you started singing today

Resonating into a lifetime of lifetimes


This day is all about Devin and Ana-Maria and the love they share.


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Tonight I slip between the shadows

A mere shade moving quietly between the trees

Inhaling the forest rot, the fecund stench of nature

Transforming into yet another iteration

Raw and real

The sharp slap of winter’s hand

Wakes me from my slumber

As I climb towards the heights

Overhead the nearfull moon rips through the tattered clouds

Canyons of translucent possibility

Revolving over an axis

Some vast whirlpool of wind

Cracking its whip

And I listen to the hums and murmurs of the city

Sirens and traffic

Wind in the trees

Against the backdrop of the silence of eternity

Illuminated by opaque cloudbanks

I wonder at the grand design

Grateful for this moment of serenity


David Trudel  ©  2012



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Father of the Bride

Supporting cast roles are good to have

In this over dramatized life

Where I get grabbed and shaken plenty enough as lead

So I gladly relinquish center stage

To be the third spear chucker on the right

For this occasion

This ceremonial passage of public commitment

A name changing game changer for my little girl grown

Barely out of the nest but wanting her own

Time compresses these moments

Then releases them

To float like balloons into clear skies overhead

Where the horizon is limitless and unbound

As two dreams crystallize into a single one

So I wait in the shadows, in the wings

For the cue to step onstage and throw that spear

Adding one small dramatic moment to the ritual dance

Called marriage


David Trudel  © 2012



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Solo Christmas

This is for the homes of the alones

The lost and lonely and bereft

Still mourning in their Sunday best

Or lounging in their worst attire


Details aren’t as important as simply being solo

Hermits and rustics

The quirky and the mean

Fearful or fearsome

Many paths lead to this singularity

Homes where festive décor becomes a minimalist vestige

And the former glory remains in boxes in the dark

In the homes of the alones

Christmas creeps in and out of view

Never quite hitting the high notes

Or shining as brightly as those lost years

When doors banged and music poured down the stairs

Into a swirl of anticipatory frenzy

Lives twirling in choreographed ritual

So that each golden moment glowed with the magic collectively conjured

Not like now

When there is no more Christmas morning creep

When the few gifts under the miniature tree

Hold no mystery

And no matter where you go for Christmas Dinner

The silence of the morning

Flattens the rest of the day


David Trudel  © 2012



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Cankle Socks

I wandered into Walmart

Was suckered by the cheap socks

They looked like dressy black ankle socks

But since I got them home

Their sagging nature

Has convinced me they were mislabeled

And should have been sold as cankle socks

But you get what you pay for



David Trudel  © 2012




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