The melt is on

Great swathes of glacial freeze coming unstuck

Flowing downhill to destiny

Many drops

For even all the seven oceans to swallow

Making the deep blue sea deeper still

Mixing up global chemistry

Shifting currents in new directions

Crawling up shorelines

Burying beaches


New King Canutes issue vain commands

With as much effect as the original, ultimately

Some places engineer barriers, seawalls

New structures to contain the tide

Some places are abandoned

Crumbling seaward

Or ripped apart in storms


Under the waves

Migrations and extinctions

As aquatic ecosystems fail


But the party continues

Everyone distracted by petty politics

Mindless crap fed to sheeple by the great bamboozlers

And the oil keeps getting pumped

Coal filled mountains get moved

Moving the resources around gets some attention

As much out of concern with local contamination

As the real problem

Global retribution for anthropomorphic sin

Soon, storms will swirl with abandon

Twister alley will be renamed an expressway

Hurricane season will be held over and they’ll run out of names

Earth will cleanse itself

And us


David Trudel   © 2012





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6 responses to “Melt

  1. Reblogged this on Susan Daniels Poetry and commented:
    This is powerful stuff, and so true. Thanks for this, David.

  2. strong message packaged in such beautiful poetry! well done!

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