This Path

This path I’m on takes twists and turns

I never know what’s going to be around the next corner

Wonders or horrors

Danger or delight

This path broadens into elegant passageways

Then narrows to a goat trail

That leads to a farseeing place

Where the horizon vanishes, and

You can see straight through the earth’s mantle to the other side

Sometimes it’s busy

Thronged with others

But mostly it’s a solitary walk

This path climbs rock faces and skirts precipices

Flirts with danger

Keeps me edgy

Sometimes I deviate from this path

A little deviant behavior can lighten any journey

But I always find my way back

Before the dust settles

This path is circuitous

Always taking me back to where I started

But never quite the same way


David Trudel      © 2012




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