In My Reckless Youth

In my reckless youth

I jousted devils in the dark

Juggled the cold flames of untested passion

Skated on pond ice to sharp sounds cracking

In my reckless youth

I had no fear

Except of missing a good party

I thought love could blossom with each new face

That walked around the corner

I thought I could walk away with impunity

From not-quite commitments of good times

I laughed unreservedly at bad jokes and pratfalls

I tested boundaries

Went beyond them

Tempted fate and laughed at death

Looked into the face of the universe

To see my own reflection

In my reckless youth

There was no time to plan

No longterm strategies

Just hubris and innocence, comingled


David Trudel  ©  2012




Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “In My Reckless Youth

  1. Interesting coincidence–someone just mentioned hubris on my last poem 😉

    Very nice write, David!

  2. Your poetic expression of life is marvelous!

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