Geography Lessons

Some days my words tumble out of meIMG_1489

Like a freshet in spring

Cascading through a leafy glen


But not always

It’s a struggle to maintain



It’s hard to climb

P1000276Peaks like these

Overwhelming heights

Deep crevices

Steeper slopes

No clearly marked paths


Changes happen



Ground shifts

And I’m discombobulated

My words back upP1000296








I climb an arid trail

P1000353Stumbling on rocks

Fearful of tumbling back








When I reach the topP1000428

I’m stymied

The gap is large


At first

But others have carved a trail

To follow

So I do


P1000327I call on the muses

I call to you

I implore






Warmth spreads

Words unlock

I am blessed





David Trudel   ©  2012

All images taken by the author


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9 responses to “Geography Lessons

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  2. Reblogged this on The Cosmic Poet and commented:
    An amazing piece of poetry by my fellow poet David Trudel.

  3. mistymidnite

    Here, here ! Oh how art thou… just loved this!

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