Lone Eagle

Lone eagle soars

Half hidden from view

Grey clouds as rumpled, damp and tossed

As the bedclothes after a 37 minute moment

Lone eagle soars

Dis and re


I wonder if eagles experience loneliness

Do they find contentment in solitude?

What are the passions that rule their eaglehearts?

Predation, the hunting drive must be one

But their method seems so desultory


Simply soaring playfully, at best

Yet when the prey is zeroed in

The dive begins

Talons extend

And while I’ve never heard them cry

They must, at times, call out in glee

As they strike and take a life

Fins, feathers, fur

It hardly matters

It’s all fuel for the wing


David Trudel   © 2012




Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Lone Eagle

  1. I just love this one David! Reminds me of a few years back I would sit on my balcony in Washington and watch the eagles sore from the trees over the lake in our backyard. Every morning I would sit out there and watch them. There was a mother and father and two baby eagles. They would fly in play and swoop down and catch fish. It was breathtaking really.

    • Thanks – yes, they are wonderful to observe. We used to have a nesting pair in the park behind my place but they moved this year to the next hilltop. There are lots of eagles around the region at this time of the year, feasting on salmon.

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